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An after thought...

Why is everyone so scared of the Skin Culture peel? I read a post here (cant remember who by) about using a 70% Glycolic Acid peel which you're supposed to leave on for only 1 minute!!!! I mean, something that you can only leave on for 1 minute is surely much more agrresive/dangerous than something you can leave on for 90/120 mins (you can leave it on for 2 hours if you want). Also, one of the nights i used it I FELL ASLEEP WITH IT ON ALL NIGHT.... and nothing bad happened to me.... I woke up terrified and rang the help line and they said i shouldnt worry and they were RIGHT.

I've used/sometimes use an OTC glycolic gel 15% and i can never use it more than 2 or 3 nights in a row before my skin starts to feel real irritated. I once used a 25% and it took my skin a whole week to recover... as long as the whole process of the skin culture peel... tho without the beneficial results i got with the latter.
I did the peel. i did the patch test under my chin as they told me to. For me everything went as they describe. For the first 5 days my skin was red and tight then on days 6 and 7 it started to peel. By the evening of day 7 it had peeled compleately. The same exactly wehn i did my whole face. However for some people it can take up to 10 days and even then not produce much of a peel at all and instead skin just flakes off.(depending on how tough or thick your skin is). I can imagine that going thru a whole week of that just to see some flaking must be disappointing.

yes. Phenol peels are very deep peels and only a plastic surgeon should do them in high %, but the 2% in the SC peel is nothing, its the Resorcinol in it that is making your skin peel.

Having had experience with this peel i can honestly say that it will either work very well or not, depending on what your skin is like i guess. I think that for guys its probably not as effective as their skin is thicker. If your skin doesnt peel much and only flakes then you'll be disappointed. But what i can say for sure is that this peel by no means can cause you any skin damage at all. It is just not strong enough. Personally i'm much more scared of a Glycolic peel, i would never do a 70% glycolic peel at home where i could only leave it on for 1 minute. I mean you barely have time to apply it and you gotta take it off!

The only glycolics ive ever used are 15% OTC and once a 25% OTC which just irritated my skin and did nothing for me.

Anyways i am currently using 5% Kojic acid. Its very good for red marks. You will see a big improvement in just 2 weeks (at least i have). The one im using also contains Licorice extract and berry extract or something like that. Also has some salycilic acid in it (very low % i guess), but thankfully has no Hydroquinine in it which i once used and for me was no good as it irritates skin a lot and is no way as good as the kojic.

Anyway, what i really wanted to clear up with this post was that the Skin Culture peel may or may not help you, but it will not do any damage or leave any scars or anything like that. The very worst that can happen is that some of you may be disappointed that too little happens.

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