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Ok everyone for those of you that don't remember me here's my scoop.....
As you can see i'm a senior member and have been here for more than 2 years.
I started getting chronic acne at the age of 21 just after breaking up with a long term relationship. At first i went to the derm was put on minocycline had no effect except make it worse over a period of time so i was pu ton accutane. i did a looooooooooooooooooong 6 months of accutane at the last few months at 80 mg accutane cleared me but i spiraled into a HORRIBLE depression. I KNOW this is from accutane .... I feel accutane is a good drug but it effects people differently. After accutane i started seeing psychiatrists for my SEVERe anxiety and depression accutane caused...i was but on zoloft it didnt really work all that great so i was switched to effexor this is about 4-6 months off accutane it started coming back mildly although i was feeling somewhat better. I then quit taking effexor and the acne starting getting worse. That's when i knew this was the cause but wasn't the right drug. At this time I also was diagnosed with ADD at the same time which also explained some of my attention issues throughout school. People withh ADD are very sensitive to the environment ,foods they eat, drugs they take, and etc....
I'm wondering if this accutane mental disorders are in fact precursored by ADD or bi polar..
Ok so back to the point my acne started getting much worse again after stopping effexor so logically i went back to the derm and put back on mino. It started getting much worse again a complete repeat of the year before... So he put me on a small dosage of accutane since i had so much trouble the first time. I was also having attention problems again so my psych now put me on wellbutrin it's normally a mild ad without effects on serotonin in the synapse. It purely effects dopamine , norepinephrine,and epinehrine. Attention was getting better but the longer the accutane was in my system it was actually counter acting the wellbutrin mentally so the psych raised my well butrin i was doing ok for a while till the derm up my accutane from 20mg to 30mg. My concentration/motivation was getting horrible again i started failing tests and my psych said she couldnt raise the wellbutrin anymore. I said you know what screw this im not gonna screw up school cause of sh*t anymore i already accumulated a C on my transscript due to accutane and that was not going to happen again.
I was reading on the internet about adrenal caps good for add since ADDers have a low stress tollerance. Stress hormones are regulated by the thalamus which "talks" to the hypothalamus . The hypothalamus is what controls hormones in your body. When your stressed out multiple things are effected....cortisol levels , insulin, and all hormones are thrown out of balance due to the hypothalamus "telling the body " to pump out higher levels of whichever hormone your body needs to cope. There are MULITPLE theorys by various microbiologist/biologists stating that cancer is caused by chronic stress! That off the subject though.
So anyway back to the point once i stopped taking accutane the higher dosage of wellbutrin kicked in FULL force i felt great and my acne was minimized by 90% i couldnt believe it.... So about a month went by still the acne was minimal but not gone. I knew my hypothalamus needed some extra support so I started taking the adrenal caps oh my god ! gone....all of it!!!
So my conclusion is ALL CHRONIC acne is caused by an abundance of stress on the hypothalamus... If you have chroinc anxiety you can't really tell how much is overexerting the hypothalamus... I believe this is why people grow out of acne because over time you start to slowwwwwwwwly relax slowly but surely over years and you finally out grow it because all the subconcious/chronic un noticed stress is unreleased from the hypothalamus. I also believe this is why accutane works it's biologically damaging your sebaceous glands so your acne goes away for the time being if you think your acne is gone and done with it will be!; although i believe my acne came back after accutane due to this message board and various websites of people saying they needed a 2nd and third course of accutane; which in trun, my negative thinking took over and i of course foolishly knew i was gonna be one of those people who needed antoher course. This added to more anxiety on the hypo and in turn my acne came back after accutane. If i would of just listened to my derm when he said that accutane would CURE my acne and didn't no any better (went happy it's done and over with go lucky) i almost 100% believe it would have never came back.
All this is that i believe is from long crueling years/months/days/hours of doing my OWN research and not doing the ONLY traditional synthesized pharmaceutical medicine. I completely believe in DR.STOLL 100% and i believe the way he talks about skilled relaxation is the way to relieve the chronic stress on the hypothalamus permanently... Although this cannot EVER be achieved for acne or skin problems in my situation unless you locked yourself in the house 24-7 until it was achieved.. Just think you are doing the skilled relaxation 20 min twice a day but you go to work or school and someone makes a comment about your face or you see someone with bad acne scars and think man thats gonna be what i look like 5 years form now or you see someone with clear skin and get down and out and more stressed out...It would be a constant ping pong game. So i believe MEDICINE AND supplements are the ONLY answer along with SKILLED relaxation... The medicine is to help and by time and artifically balance your mind/body while the skilled relaxation is working to PERMANENTLY balance your brain. Another complication with skilled relaxation is it's just down right hard...... LOL especially for me since i have add i hear everything that goes on so for me to try hard and meditiate to block out everything and relax is twice as hard for me ....BUT i'm getting better and yes it works it just takes time.... Just think how often does someone wake up with zero acne to severe acne the next morning ? It doesn't happen! You gradually get worse because of the accumulation on the hypothalamus so the only way to counter act is SR to gradually get better. So in conclusion, i believe you need to take medicine for acne, just not conventional acne INTERNAL medicine antibiotics and such. I personally think people with CHRONIC acne (as opposed to normal acne a whitehead here and there) need to go with the antidepressants/antianxiety meds if they so believe morally and biologically about taking them... I mean if you take accutane why not try a med to fix the ROOT cause of acne.
ANother thing i'ved noticed i've never seen someone who acutally lives (as opposed to trying to or putting on a show) but you can tell someone who is actually "happy go lucky" i mean the way you feel after meeting a new girlfriend that feeling . I'ved never seen anyone who is like that almost 24-7 just happy with acne period much less chronic mild/mod/severe. I mean never have i once seen a single zit on these people... Honestly do you believe that's pure genetics? cmon they have the same bacteria in they're's all about what starts the skin abnormality /disorder...
anyway i wrote abook here..
So i'll say i believe in DR. STOll not just 100% but 110% !
so this is what i take internally which is alot but it works and has been for the past few months.

2000 mg of fishoil with the highest dha/epa concentrate
2000mg A.M. 4000 M.G. P.m. total of 6000 mg for me thats a total of 12 pills daily !

(feuls the brain balances temporal lobe activity and thins sebum for the skin )
Multiple studies done on fish oil and it's wonder abilities especially a huge clinical trial at HARVARD.
1000 mg of dlpa twice daily(right and left chain phenylalanine, precursor to endorhin neurotransmitters)
500mg of L-tyrosine twice daily(precursor of dopamine/norepi/epi neurotransmitters)
200mg of phosphyitadyl serine twice daily( controls inisitol and is a naturally occuring phospholipid and is a presursor to multiple neurotransmitters)
150mg of wellbutrin twice daily(antidepressant with mulitple receptor action)
---ADRENAL CAPS two pills twice daily 340mg of bovine most inportant ingredient.
total efa by health from the sun one pill am one pm
viamin e 400i.u. twice daily
1000mg vit c twice daily

I've takin this vitamin regimen for over 7 months now religously and have seen very promising results not just for skin but overall brain and daily function.
damn im tired
hope this helps


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