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Re: Sage
Jun 8, 2002
Originally posted by fedup:
Hey thanks for the routine i will try skin went throught the intially really really oily..then went really it is dry where my acne is..along my jawline and neck..flaking here and there..but otherwise just my lips are really dry..i am going on week 4 i prob shouldnt use the biological mask huh.i havent i will try your routine..starting tonight then..just the soap and the old lady cream..i think i might try the fix zit on my big mothers though....and just try the fix zit at 2.5 that with the sulphur??...every 2 days and grains as is frustrating..just want my skin back...aahh...i know you guys know how i feel...stupid hormones....haha...

Definately don't do the Biological Mask yet. Wait until your skin is less dry and then only use it once a week max. Let Accutane run it's course and only use Sage right now to keep your skin healthy. 2.5% Fix Zit does not have sulfur in it. Only the XX version does and that is WAY too strong for you. It's even a little too much for me and my skin is pretty resilient. I've been using it here and there for the past few days on a few random zits that popped up (stress!!!) and those areas are peeling like a mother. You can use it to spot treat I suppose, but not right now...I'd stick with 2.5% all over and maybe 5% or 10% to spot treat. Just apply a little dot over any spot you can see after you use the 2.5% all over. Be careful not to get it on the surrounding skin as well. You only want to dry the zit! Your skin may not seem too dry or fragile right now but when you add more and more to your skin, the more likely you are to have problems. I'd go slow now and once your skin feels and looks more normal, you could then increase strengths and start using more products. The smoothing cream is definately wonderful stuff...too strong for you now but I think you will definately want to try it down the road =) It really helps red marks and uneven skin tone and texture.

I can totally understand your desire to get your skin back to normal...but please be patient. I think Accutane will do wonders for you and Sage will help you keep your skin clear and healthy during and after. But it does take time.

Good luck!

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