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Hi Everyone,

I have mild/moderate HORMONAL acne (two weeks per month clear, two weeks not ) My dermatologist prescribed me BENZACLIN which is pretty new and is supposed to work well. I have been using it for 5 days and I don't see that much improvement

I wonder if any one has had success with this?

I am supposed to put it on in the morning but i am finding this impossible to do with makeup. Any tips?

5 days? 5 days? you're gonna have to be a little more patient then that. give it a few months. if your acne is hormonal maybe you can try going on the pill. (birth control)
I've been using Benzaclin now for just over 1 week. I saw improvement right away. I had a few cysts on my chin (hormonal) and they seemed to come right to the surface after just a few days. My suggestion to you is to use the Benzaclin at night instead and a light moisturizer in the morning, because it does dry your face out a bit. Also, it is important to exfoliate when you see dry flaking skin. I like Origins "Swept Away". I mix that with a little bit of cetaphil and GENTLY exfoliate in the morning.

I used Retin A micro for about 6 months. It works great, but it takes about three months to really show any benefits. That initial three months can be devastating. The peeling, the breaking out, the dryness and the redness is awful. I discontinued the treatment right before my wedding, because I didn't want any peeling or redness. My skin was perfect - not one blemish. I received so many compliments on my skin, even from people who didn't know that I ever had acne. After the wedding, I tried to use the Retin A again, but it is too drying with this winter weather, so my derm prescribed the Benzaclin. If you can tolerate the Retin-A, it does work. But, I would try the Benzaclin first, since it has less initial side effects.

Good luck.

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