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Dear Chiara:

Diane 35 (Also known as Dianette) is in a class of birth control pills designed to control acne. It contains estridiol and cyproterone acetate (an anti-androgen).

It is not available in the US because it contain cyproterone acetate. But it is available in almost every other country.

Cost depends on where you purchase it. It is very cheap in Asia($4.00US a pack).

The US equivalent is Yasmin. Yasmin contains estridoil and aldactone (an anti-androgen). Yasmin is also recommended for women who have water retention problems because it supposedly has diuretic effects.

Other pills marketed for acne are Ortho-tricyclen and Ortho-cyclen.

My personal experience is with Ortho-tricyclen and Diane. I found they both worked well, Diane a little better. Both reduced oil production and improved my skin. I found it worth the money because of the self-confidence I gained in return.

In the first two months your body adjusts to the pills effects and you may have some nausea, breast tenderness, slight weight gain (except with yasmin) and headaches. But this should go away after the second month. Acne should definately improve by the second to third month. I did not experience "initial breakouts" or "flares." Just a steady improvement.

If you are a teenager or young adult (early 20's) then you can view taking the pill as a "six month or year cure." It may just be that you are suffering acne from a hormonal transition into full-adulthood and that it will subside once you are older and your hormones stabalize. could well be that you can have acne well into your full adult years (I started having it age 26 and I am 37 now).

If this is the case, your acne will only be kept under control for as long as you are on the pill. And once you stop, it can return. Mine did once I stopped taking it.

I hope this helps.

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