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Growing up I barely had any acne... But as 17 18 came around... I started to break out more and more.. I tried PRO ACTIVE.. MURAD..etc etc And it worked at first.. But after awhile to no evail!... So... Going to the DERM. office was and still is just a waste of time... I was on meds.. etc etc that still didnt do anything but put a dent in my wallet.. And workin crappy teeny jobs didnt help... So I settled on breaking out now and then... And using things that controlled my acne..BUT NOT CURE IT... I researched it.. I changed my diet.. Still.. clear skin for a week then the next 4 breakouts..

So oneday on one of my GOOD WEEKS.. I used a product that u see ADVERTISED ON TV that clear face stars endorse.(should have noticed that) I used it 1 time... And the next thing I know.. I wake up the next day and my face had the worst breakout of my whole entire life.. DEEP RED acne all over my face.. NOT just a couple.. I mean my whole entire forhead..the side of my face.. inside my sideburns... around my nose... on my chin..cheeks.. etc And these werent just a couple it was groups of them It was June and summer time..

It was the worst summer of my life.. I couldnt smile.. It hurt so bad to smile.. it hurt to sleep I had to sleep on my back because it hurt to lay on my side with my face touchin the pillow.. I washed my pillow cases.. I used acne soap... I went to the ****IN derms office again ... I QUIT MY JOB.. I was not going to go out in public like that.. I dont care how weak that sounds I WASNT GOIN ANYWHERE. If sumone would come over to my families house i was posted in my room.. So about 1 month of this and very little clearing I had an emotional breakdown after seing a certain actor who had bad scarring on his face THINKIN THAT WAS MY FATE.. So she looked in the phone book and found a ASTHETICIAN.

So ovecourse Im thinkin to myself..Its not going to work..what is she goin to do... I mean I studied acne..I was at libraries for hours reading about it etc tryin to control it.... WHAT CAN SHE DO... Well I went in and the answer was MICRODERMABRASION.....

I had no idea what this was.. or anything.. But we started.. and At first it cost $150.00 because after the dermabrasion she gave me facial cooling treatments... etc.. After that it was 75 per session.. The more u do.. The better the results.. So basically its a really really good exfoliater machine that takes away the dead skin..wich as we know is a must to help clear acne.. And the acne u do have the dead skin gets opened and THEY use q tips to get all the gunk out and let the infection start to heal.. It just seems more medical and better when they do it as oppsed to when I.. Also I was on pro activ at the time.. and she told me to stop using it.. YIKES.. and GET THIS... She gave me samples of 4 diffrent products to start using.. SO THEREFORE I dont have to buy it until WE know for sure its goin to work. I WAS HYPED ABOUT THIS. Also there she had a machine we call the ZAPPER. It is a lil jolt of electricty used to help clear the infection of the acne. It doesnt hurt.. Its very quick. Some of the acne I had was gone in a day or 2.. just from this shock of electr. I was in heaven. So Ive been goin for so long now every 2 weeks and its the only thing that has helped me.... You will get acne again.. But never EVER as bad as before.. And with my ASth. I can just call her and ask if I can be zapped with the machine and the next day its gone So Im telling you this because MY SCARS are invisible.. It has helped me in so many ways... I know I live in a small town.. Im sure you guys out there can FIND sumone who is as cool out there. Theres a time when you have to be very very evasive on it.. after trying so many products that dont work.. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO U... instead of DERMS. office.. Sumtimes you have to work harder...and MICRODERMABRASION will help you tremendously... Better than accutane.. etc etc etc WITH NO EVIL SIDE EFFECTS.. And now get this.. IM GETTING INTO MODELING.. What model has acne prone skin that u spot in magazines... NONE.. This has def.changed my life.. So look into it folks if everything isnt working this will work... TRUST!

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