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Thank you, but anyone would know what I know if they did the research. I'm 22 now and my acne is "severe" in that it ranges from my scalp to my butt and everywhere in between. I get the regular acne aswell as cystic/nodular acne. Although because I get acne on difference places of my body, that means that I have more than just Acne Vulgaris, I probably have a few other types as well and they've all got their own scientific names =( Anyway, the ONLY reason that I can now claim that my skin is 90% acne free,(still got the marks to deal with)is because I am on medication (hopefully my diet change too).

What I've noticed is that when my doctor increased my Avandia to 4mg from, 2mg, my skin greatly improved. However, at the same time, I also started my Gluten Free diet, so I don't know what to thank yet. I will say that because of one or the other (maybe both), I've yet to enter my Breakout Cycle (which is over a month over due) and lasts 8 - 9 months. Also, the only acne I seem to get now is some cystic acne and also my menstrual cramps this time are non-existant!

I'm really shocked because all my life I've had HORRIBLE crippling crying on the floor menstrual cramps. I used to take 1800 - 2400mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) a day for that pain. What I've found out and have been taking for the last 4 years, is that Ginkgo works just as well as Motrin. =) A year ago, when I first started the Avandia, I noticed that it had decreased my level of pain too (so I needed less Ginkgo). Then a few months ago, I found out that Probiotics also works (so after a few days I didn't need the ginkgo). Currently, this month I haven't needed the Ginkgo at all (not on probiotics), but bear in mind, I am taking twice the amount of Avandia so hopefully that's what helping or maybe it's the GF diet. Eventually I'm going to to have figure out which it is...

Hormonal acne is said to be the kind that is cystic, but also the kind that runs along the jaw line and on your cheeks and that's pretty much where on my face the cysts are located at. Accutane isn't supposed to work for hormonal acne, but I've heard it does work for cystic acne, so I am a bit confused on that one. Um, you can trying increasing your amount of Omegas and ALA and see if that helps. I currently have started taking my Omegas again and if that doesn't work I'll try tweeking my diet some more. My goal is to try and fix as much as a I can through diet, and take as little supplements/meds as possible.

Like I said there are other types of acne, where is yours located at? Some women with PCOS also have Hidradenitis Suppurativa/Acne Inversa (I think I might have/had a mild form of this or similar to it, but it very rarely occurs now) and Acanthosis Nigricans (got some of that too). So, what exactly would you like to acheive, and do you feel like you have more than just "acne" going on? ARe there other physical or hormonal problems that you've noticed?

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