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Right, and how MANY people will know if they have problems with food, if they don't try to eliminate them??? LOL

Anyway, You sound sorta like me. I'm caught in the middle of my parent's hormonal issues. Diabetes is considered an Autoimmune disease and that runs on my dad's side of the family. My mom's side I thought had PCOS, but she has Uterine (and breast) Fibroids and had those removed and had a hysterctomy. Most of the women on her side of the family had hysterectomeis but managed to still have children problem free, so I'm guessing they all had Fibroids too (even Grandma) and not Cystic Ovaries. Also most of the women on her side of the family have weight issues and 2 or 3 of them are even obese =(

Funny thing is that I don't fit the major classical symptoms of PCOS except for the acne and mild hirsutiusm and MAYBE the menstrual cramps but they have ALWAYS come (even when I was sick). However wether you are Insulin Resistant, Diabetes Type II (not an autoimmune disease) or PCOS, the treatment is still the same...Glucophage/Ex: Metaformin or Rosiglitazone/Ex: Avandia

Also Hypothyroidism is another autoimmune disease. What I've been reading is that (Gluten free) diet seems to help those with these kinds of diseases. You may be good candidate because if you've got one autoimmune disease, you've probably got others (allergies? My dad has them, but for some reason I no longer do...grew out of them years ago myself)

My advice to you is to go see an Endocrinologist / Internal Medicine Doctor first PLEASE. While, I've never been on accutane and I have no inentions of either, some people must go through 1 - 3 treatments of accutane and sometimes their acne STILL comes back. If this is a hormonal issue for you and judging on what you know about your parents I would Go to a doctor first!!! In this case, it's not just about acne, but about your health and possible quality of life later on.

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Wow, you really do ALL of those things ;-) See at one point my "ideal" pill popping regimen (including my meds) was about 30-40 pills a day. I couldn't afford to buy that many vitamins and herbs, nor could I actually steadily maintain that, so I decided I would try this diet thing first.

Prior to that, I had definately found my natural alternatives to Spirnolactone (Saw Palmetto) and there's several Herbs and Vitamins that are subs for the Avandia (but that's trickier), but decided to drop those aswell. After I've tweeked my diet as much as I can, I'll be adding in some of my old supps, but my goal is to take as few supplements (& hopefully no meds) as possible.

Is there some sort of book that discusses how to balance hormones throug diet? The only ones I have are Protein Power, Schwarzbein Principle, Syndrome X and others related to PCOS.

I'm glad you finally found something that worked for you =) I still have mainly some cystic acne left and I'm wondering how to get rid of it. Since my diet change ALL I ever drink is water mostly and my decling sweet tooth dropped even more, so I rarely eat "junk" food (like cookies or ice cream). My only sources of sugary sugar are Fruits (dried or fresh) and then my carb/sugar comes from Veggies like, Potatos, Corn, and Brown & some White Rice. What kinds of sugar are you avoiding?

As for the above diets, well it's all very much an individualized thing. You can do some research and you will find the info you need to help you start each of those diets. Bear in mind, that if you get your hormones tested, they MAY show up closer to normal because you're already working on balancing your homornes through food. Hence why some diabetics eventually went off of their insulin. Amazing huh ;-)

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