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I have been taking 8 - 10 grams of B5 daily for about two months on the advice of those on this board. I had severe cystic acne all over my face, neck, chest, upper back and upper arms. It was HORRIBLE!!!!!! In addition to the cysts, I had the "regular" sort of acne (some blackheads and whiteheads). The B5 was an absolute Godsend and "Thank You" to those on this board and the posts that I found this cure.

My experience has been that the brand name of the Pantothenic Acid is irrelevant. What IS important is that you take it EVERY DAY -- it will only keep you clear as long as you are taking it. I went off the B5 for about five days because I ran out, and got one huge cyst on my neck.

In addition to the B5, my daily vitamin regemin includes:

-- one daily multi-vitamin
-- one Super B Complex (to replenish the B vitamins that mega-dosing on B5 depletes).
-- 50 mg of zinc three times daily
-- one 500 mg vitamin C

This, plus a twice-daily cleansing routine, has almost completely cleared my skin, which just a month ago was a complete and total mess for more than six months previous.

I am at the 6 week mark, and while I haven't seemed to develop the large, swollen under the skin acne that I used to get sometimes, I am still breaking out. Mostly a bunch of tiny whiteheads.

I take my B5 religiously, and I guess I will continue to do so. I think I expected more of a 'miracle cure' that worked quickly and got rid of all my acne within a few weeks. This was definitely not the case with B5. Matter of fact, within the first month or so of taking B5 I was breaking out ALL OVER, in areas that never broke out before. Most memorable were all the small whiteheads on my neck down to my shirtcollar. Luckily this seemed to have stopped.

I also tried to add extra zinc into my daily routine, and this seemed to cause my condition to regress some! I actually got a few large pimples around my mouth in my goatee area (and B5 had this completely cleared for the last month and a half). So I stopped the zinc.

Now I am taking my multivitamins in the morning, and then 2grams of B5 five times per day (3-4 hours apart). Usually falls around 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm.

Patience is very hard for me, in EVERYTHING I do in life. So to be 6 weeks in and still have setbacks bums me out. But, I am doing my best to be patient...seems like the hardcore B5 users didn't have best results until atleast 8 weeks in.


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