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If youre on or at all considering accutane, please read this. I posted this a few months ago but it didnt get a ton of response so i wanted to post again to make sure all these new posters on the subject see how horrible my experience was.

I was on accutane about 6 years ago. Id been taking accuate for about a couple of months (my best guess) when one night I woke up with the worst pain Ive felt in my life. I couldnt move for about 3 hours because of the immense pain, but eventually crawled down the hallway and got a ride to the emergency room.

I spent that night in the ER and the next week or so in and out of the hospital for tests. (not to mention in such incredible pain) I was eventually diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. At the time, the doctors thought it was because of drinking, but I dont drink at all. They eventually decided it was because of the accutane.
Since, a significant amount of information linking accutane with pancreatitis has come out. (just search on google for "accutane pancreatitis" or something similar)

I usually just figure that if a medication is legal to take and prescribed then theres no big chance of anything really happening...even if its a medication with 1000 warnings on it like accutane.

I am and was at the time a perfectly healthy young male (dont drink, smoke or anything else) just looking to get rid of my acne problem and I ended up getting handed a flyer on acute pancreatitis telling me that the fatality rate is 1 in 20. 1 in 20.

Obviously, the chance of getting acute pancreatitis or anything else from accutane isnt great, but it can happen to any random person on these boards just as it happened to me.

Id have to reccomend to anyone taking or thinking of taking accutane to think about this and stick with something else. This isnt a 100% proven method of acne removal (didnt work at all for me) and just isnt worth the risk.

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