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wow, i'm doing the same thing JustPeachy. my skin seems to need a break, so i've been doing the mask every other day now. i started on june 20, but now it seems to get dry after i put the mask on. i guess there is no perfect cure for my acne. always drawbacks to each new regimen..
I stopped using the egg yolk mask for now. It seemed to be causing more cystic acne for me, which in general I get only occasionally and with the mask I was getting them regularly...aargh! I don't know if this was the "purging" phase or what, but I've given my skin a break for the past 2 weeks and I haven't had any big mothers...Also toward the end of my using it (I think I did it for almost 3 weeks total), it was starting to itch and when I'd wash it off, I'd have little red bumps (that went away quickly). Maybe I'll try it again after more time...dunno.
Is there a place to actually buy a form of the mask in like a bottle form or something. Or do you guys do it the old fashion way and break open and egg?
I've been using the egg yolk mask nearly everyday for 4 weeks now.

It helped a lot in the first week, but I don't think it's doing much now. It has made my pores smaller, but it's also caused more blackheads, especially on my nose. My skin isn't as oily, since it sort of dries it out whenever I use it. It has helped my complextion and sort of evened out my skin tone, but it hasn't really helped the flat red marks I have.

The biggest problem so far is that I too get cysts now on a regular basis. Before the mask, I didn't have such a big problem with cysts, but now it's out of control. I'm going to stop for a while and use it less.

In the meanwhile, I've been taking timed released 50mg zinc and timed released 500mg vitamin C. I can tell that this is making a difference. I plan to buy Flaxseed oil and acidophilus, and see if these supplements can help out too.

Anyways, take care and good luck.

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