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hey guys. excuse me if this isnt exactly on topic (well actually it is... its just prolly a little 'different'). recently i have been having a problem that i know can be avoided... somehow! im not going to get into the whole "masturbation causes acne" conflict. for ME, it does, very badly, thats all i know. my acne is cystic, and is easily aggrivated. food, certain activities, ect., you name it. anyway... back to my problem. recently (and by that i mean past 3 to 4 months) i have been breaking out due to 'masturbation'... in my sleep. yeah, those imfamous 'wet dreams'. but the thing is: i dont look at porn, i dont masturbate, and i try not to even THINK about that kinda stuff because of this EXACT reason. i cant control them! and i mean ill get 1 or 2 a week, and it wrecks havoc on my face. im talking 3 or more cysts, whiteheads, its becoming a serious problem, because im seriously trying my hardest to stop them, but have failed miserably. plus its been going on for such a while. im on antibiotics, on differin gel, and eat pretty healthy, and yet i break out badly from them. what can i do?? either to somehow stop the wet dreams, or to suppress the effects of them, because i know when you masturbate, hormones are released and ur body's natural defenses go down. so does ANYONE have a suggestion on what could be done? thank you alot.

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I have not masturbated for 4 months now. I get some acne (not cystic),mostly when i have wet dreams(i.e once in 15 days).But there is no way to clear yourself completely.

For me if i dont masturbate i get less acne but still get it.

Go for accutane. I am thinking seriously about it
I'm not going to argue with you or try to persuade you. As I said earlier, if you believe this to be true...go for it!
On the other hand, I think it's very easy to mix cause and effect when it comes to acne. Obviously hormones trigger acne. The adrenal glands produce increased androgens, and the androgens promote oil secretion in the skin...this sets up the whole process. It actually takes six to eight weeks to make a pimple. The hormones cause the sebaceous glands to increase oil production, sebum. Skin protein, keratin, gets trapped or blocked by all the increased sebum and, if bacteria is present, the bacteria multiplies and gets trapped in the sebum resulting in inflammation...this sets up the cycle of cystic acne. Since hormones cause acne, treating it with hormones can be very effective for some...such as birth control pills for women. Since that option isn't appropriate for men, you have to rely on stopping the increased oil production with drying products, or antibiotics to stop the inflammation and infection.
That's what I believe about acne.
However, certainly I respect your beliefs.
With all due respect, do you believe all sexual activity results in increased acne in susceptible people? Is it able to distinguish between sexual activity from masturbation as opposed to other sexual contact?
I think we all try to learn from each other.

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