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I just think that it's kind of sad when someone (male's only) dismisses this idea without any further thought, because in a way, they're dismissing their cure. People just see the word masturbation and are too close minded (or too afraid of anyone finding out that they masturbate), that they completely blow the idea off. For some guys, quitting masturbation and cutting off any dairy intake will not help their acne, but those are the guys whose acne is not hormonal, it's simply either irritation or a rash. I would like to see a male with definite hormonal acne, to stop all sexual intercourse and masturbation, as well as give up any dairy for one month, then report back on his findings. They may not be miraculous, but I doubt he'll have an active pimple left on his face unless he didn't follow the guidelines closely. It's just something you have to try, and see for yourself.

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