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To cut a very long story short yes I did take Accutane 8 years ago and I have since suffered many long term persistent side effects that have been directly linked to my taking the drug. I was not warned about any of them. For one particular side effect Roche new it was persistent and was directly linked to ingestion of the drug however they did not add it as a listed side effect. Wrote a report to them last year about it. The side effect now appears in the documentation as of January 2002. Am doing the same for many other side effects the manufacturer has not disclosed, including loss of libido and impotence, as many people have contacted our group and reported such side effects both on and off the drug.

I am in constant contact with many sufferers of persistent long-term physical & mental side-effects after taking Accutane/Roaccutane who were never warned about such side effects. Our group has received 1000’s of emails specifically in relation to people suffering mental side effects both while taking the drug and off it and some will unfortunately never recover.

I disagree with you entirely with when you state ‘you should encourage them to take it.’ You have got to be kidding right!! It is for the dermatologist to decide whether a person needs the drug and whether their acne warrants so called ‘controlled Vitamin A poisoning’ as opposed to people on forums encouraging them to see their dermatologist and demand Accutane.

Also what do you exactly mean when you state :

‘It's not Roche's fault that the statistics change everyday. Those numbers are constantly changing..Roche isn't going to post the statistics every single day’

This has nothing to do with what I have said in my posts, I quoted no stats but just stated that the drug is ranked by the FDA as No. 4th in the top ten lists of drugs attracting serious adverse drug reactions out of 500,000 drugs. Your comments to be honest make no sense.

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