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Hey everyone, im new to the board(first post) but have been lurking around. Anyways i guess i should start w/my condition. I have mild acne, mostly scars, im on antibiotics and a tropical i got from the derm. They seemd to be working in the begining but has worn off. Im posting to see wich step to take next. B5 seems to do wonders and i wanted to try it but i dont want to waste my time if its not very affextive. My question is how much is it? how long before i should expect results? Accutane: i know the side affects and everything no questions there. And last has anyone tried Acne Complex, its adveertised on t.v. So basicaly im leaning towards accutane but i wanted to know if you guys would prefer b5 over it. Thank you so much for reading my post and hopefully replying.

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Thanks for the reply, im leaning more towards b5 now. I guess i could givee it a try before taking something as serious as accutane. Now, if you can tell me how much the b5 cost. Im planing on getting it at a local GNC store. Any idea? again, thanks for replying.
Here's some tips:

1. Don't buy GNC brand of B-5. Not only is it more expensive, but it's much less effective. Try Solgar or Twinlab.

2. The bottle will either say B-5 or Pantothenic Acid on it.

3. Get 500 mg capsules. They sometimes come in 250 mg doses - if you get this, you will be taking tons of pills.

4. Start off kind of low. I'd suggest 4 grams per day for at least 3 weeks and see how that works. Go higher or lower if you need to after that. If you use 500 mg capsules, that means you will take 8 pills of B-5 per day. 1000 mg = 1 gram. Separate the doses. Take 4 pills with lunch and 4 pills with dinner. Don't take them between meals or on an empty stomach and always take them with a glass of water.

5. Get a good B complex pill also. This helps to balance your B vitamins. Take one a day.

6. You may experience an intial breakout. I haven't had mine yet, but many get this within the first two weeks of taking B-5. Don't give up! It will clear and then you are home free. You may also lose weight, despite the fact that B-5 gives you a huge appetite. It helps to break down fat in the body. You may also experience slight nausea and diarrhea the first few days. Don't worry, it will more than likely subside.

Hope this helps you. Good luck!

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