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For those of you who have tried minocycline.....does it really work that good? How long did it take to see results? Im thinking of starting the med!!
Hey there...i tried minocycline last year...both 50mg and 100 mg doses...i got very dry and flaky and red,,,,helped little but not very much...but another guy i knew after he came off accutane he was clear for 1 yr then started to break out again..went on minocycline and loved it..worked anything..depends on person..good luck
My mom's been on it for 6 years and has had no side effects. It has kept her clear. But she's thinking about trying topicals again, because she's worried about any long term effects of taking a med...
I took it for 2 months and quit a few days ago because it still hadn't helped all that much. But it varies from person to person
Thanx for your replies!! And keep really like to hear more!!
I was on Minocycline for two months at two pills of 100g a day, and now I'm working my way down by taking only one pill a day. I'll be done all of the medication probably within a month. It worked wonders, my skin is 98% clear. I've never been happier with it! I've heard from almost everyone who has taken oral antibiotics before that it doesn't last though, so I'm thinking of starting Diane 35 soon to hopefully counteract it...
By the way, to really see visible results it took about 3-4 weeks for me.
thank you so much for replying it totally helps......ya ive heard that it doesnt last either! that kinda worries me, but i also heard it lasts for about 9 mos and so you can go on and off the med about every 5 mos or something and it keeps it clear. has anyone else heard this? if that doesnt work does anyone have a med that will work after the mino stops? diane 35 sounds pretty good! thank you so much for replying again!!!

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