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Hello everyone! I am so glad that I found this website. I seriously thought I was the only person in the world with acne. I swear...I never see anyone with acne, except when I look in the mirror and it's so frustrating. I always feel like I want to cry when I look in the mirror. Anyways...I have some questions and hope to get some feedback on what I should do to help great rid of this nasty disease. Here's some info about me...any input is greatly appreciated.

I am a 24 yr old male who has been dealing with really bad skin since I was 17 yrs old. My skin is very oily...the entire face but especially the T-zone and I get oily literally 30 minutes after I wash my face. I totally drench 1 oil-wipe sheet when I use it and often need 3-4 sheets to get rid of my shine on any gievn moment. But right after washing and after I dry my face with a towel, I am extremely dry. I can't even smile because I'm afraid I'll flake from the dryness. I get pimples all the time. I think they are cysts...I'm not sure. I get big red bumps as well as ones that are easliy pop-able (i think theyre whiteheads?). After the pimple goes away, it leaves a dark red mark. I still see red marks from pimples I got 2 years ago. Even if I have a totally clear day, it looks like my face is still covered beacuse of all the redness. I currently wash my face 3-4 times a day. I don't acne anywhere else on my's just my face and I get it all over. I have used the following to help me treat my acne:

Benzoyl Peroxide (Oxy, Clearisil, Brevoxyl)
Stridex pads
Sulfacetamide...i currently use this
Pro-active Solution
New You Skin Care
Herbal skin pills

I have used the following cleansers and soaps:
Clearisil cleanser
Neutrogena oil-free cleanser and the bar
Ponds face wash
Basis Bar Soap
and i currently use Cetephil Bar.

I have used Seban Oil Control pads for my oily skin and still use them.

I currently use Neutrogena Oil-free moisterizer after I wash my face (everytime).

Nothing seems to work because I still have acne! The stuff I currently use seems to work best, but I want something to get rid of my skin probems totally!

What do you guys think I should try? Should I look into Accutane? Am I a good candidate for it? I read so many posts from different people that it is really bad...should be used as a last resort.

As far as B-5 pills go, where is the best place to buy the Twinlab brand at a good price? To take 10g a day would mean taking 600 pills a month...which is costly.

How do I get rid of my red marks?

How do I get rid of super oily skin?

What is the best moisterizer to use?

Is Diane 35 only for women?

Should I try B-5 before Accutane?

If going on Accutane or B-5, can I use my prescribed Sulfacetamide with it?

Thanks everyone in advace for helping me out. I always feel that if I had perfect skin, my life would be so great. I have great friends, a stunning girl-friend, great family, a great job (although it is very client-oriented and most of the time I feel embarassed to talk face-to-face with them). self-esteem is very low, but I will not let this nasty problem bring me down! I urge everyone to hang in there because we will beat this darn thing! Thanks for reading.


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