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hey spidergirl69, I personally have had really good results with a product called C5 serum for university medical.. you can find this at any walmart,k-mart or drugstore. This contains vitamin C and also has alpha hydroxy acids . I really liked it. Some people on the board have had some results with it and others have not. I did read a few posting that people were using it all over there face, and had breakouts from that. But I think if you only use it on old red blemish marks it should help. I would also suggest that you make sure you have a good vitamin supplement routine. Vitamins A, C,E, B complex, flax seed, and amino acids are great for the skin. They help to promote heathly cell growth, and help with protein & collagen. As far as the BC pill, if you think your acne is hormonal ( worse around period, and around mouth & chin) many women say the bc pill has helped them. check out some of the other posting about yasmin, Diane35. That decision is for only you and your doc to determine if going on bc is right for you. If you don't want to try bc pills there are other herbs that do help to regulate hormone levels.... some of them are saw palmetto, chasteberry, dandelion, dong quai. Do a web search on these herbs to help you know what they do & if you can take them. Lastly you mentioned make-up have you ever tried any green concealer? It works very well to tone down redness . I used to use it on my old blemish marks to help cover them. Just put a small amount on the mark then apply your regular make-up. I think covergirl now makes one, physicans formula also makes 2 diferent green concealer sticks. Good Luck to ya !! Best always, kjack

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