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Differin Progress
Feb 19, 2002
Okay, this may be a bit lengthy, but here goes:
Four years ago when I was 16 I went on a five month treatment of Accutane for severe acne on my face and shoulders. It completely cleared up my skin. For the next four years I would get an occasional pimple, but nothing really that major. The blackheads on my nose came back, but I wasnít really concerned with them. I controlled my acne with OTC topicals. My skin was never better.

Over the summer, in late July, I started exercising twice a day and I would not shower between excercising, and I would sit in my sweaty shirts, and this caused my back to break out terribly. Starting in early October I bought a Panoxyl Bar (BP) and washed with this, yet I didnít see very many results.

And then, starting in late October of 2001 I started breaking out again around my chin and the corners of my mouth and a little on my forehead. At the time I began partying a lot more in college and I started getting a lot less sleep and starting drinking a lot more. I think this may have caused my breakouts.

I started using the Panoxyl bar I bought for my back on my face and I think that this in combination with lack of sleep, alcohol, and a worsening diet may have caused my skin to break out initially.

My skin got progressively worse and I tried controlling it with OTC topicals. I even tried doing nothing and didnít shave or use anything for about three weeks; I just washed my face and showered. I noticed that my skin felt a lot better at this time but I decided to make an appointment with the dermatologist anyway for my back and my face.

The derm prescribed me Differin and Doxycycline. I started on the Doxy right away but not the Differin because I was afraid of the initial breakout. After two weeks of just Doxy and no results, however, I started the Differin. At first things were fine, and then after about three weeks I noticed some improvement, but then my skin started getting red. I also noticed that I would get little pus-filled zits in places Iíd never gotten acne before.

I have noticed that my back has improved dramatically lately though, and thatís with minimal application of Differin on it; I donít even think I need to keep putting it on.

When I went back to the derm my skin had returned more or less to a more normal color and he told me to stay on the Differin and then he prescribed me Cleocin T Solution. At the time my skin was looking better so I havenít filled the prescription yet because Iím afraid that it will make my skin red and dry.

Its now been 8 weeks since I started the Differin, and my skin is starting to look red again. I have a lot of old red marks that are gradually fading, but my forehead is a mess, as is the side of my mouth. Iíve also developed two cysts in the past week and the red marks really arenít fading. I notice that when I miss a night or something my skin looks much less red the next day, so Iíve considered only using it every other day, but I really want to put in a full 12 weeks and see what the results are.

Do any of you recommend starting the Cleocin T Solution? Or will it just make my face red? I guess Iíd be more satisfied with the Differin if it didnít make my face red; I really hate that. Its been 8 weeks on Differn so I assume that my skin would be getting used to it by now and the redness would stop. Also, my skin started getting really oily after I started using Differin, and that really hasnít changed. Iím thinking of giving the Differn four to six more weeks and then just forgetting about it altogether or perhaps going on another course of Accutane. I mean, I really donít have that many active zits, just about three to five at a time, its just the multitude of red marks and the red face that bother me. Has anyone else been on Differin and experienced similar results? Also, Iíve read that your blackheads are supposed to go away with Differin, yet I havenít noticed any difference at all. Does this just take a wile? I've really thought of just giving up on all of this crap and just going to washing twice daily, cause sometimes I think that I just irritated my skin to begin with and that all of my attempts to help it just made things worse.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments for me? My life was never better than when it was clear and I really want to get it that way again.

Thanks so much for reading my post, any help or advice you can give me would be very much appreciated.


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