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I've only heard one person (and it was on this board) say they had a sore throat- I bet it was not related. You will hear many RUMORS of side effects. It is highly unlikely that you will experience anything but clear skin on b5. If you research what it is- a water soluble vitamin with a track record of no side-effects even in tiny lab mice fed thousands of gms- you can begin to seperate fact from fiction. People will attribute everything to new supplements- "Omygosh, I broke my arm while skiing- it MUST be brittle bones from those new sups!" So use your common sense while reading stuff. I and many others have had only good things happen on B5. I promise to report any weird or bad things if/when they happen- I've been on it for 6 months now. I do have a huge appetite while on it, and that may be considered a bad thing for some, but supposedly it burns fat so fast you'll lose weight even with the big appetite. I've neither gained nor lost. Because it is merely a water-soluble vitamin, there is nothing you cannot use on your face topically than you normally do. Yes, fat-soluble vitamins and a few water-soluble vites can be toxic in lg doses, but these have been researched along w b5. There is the risk that somewhere in the future, scientists will discover that lg does of b5 cause something horrible, but so far there is the results of lab animals and us acne victims. I feel great on it- more energy, thicker hair, my immune system has been stronger, etc. Someone posted that their hair fell out many months ago- but they were taking accutane at the same time! Accutane is proven to cause hair loss. Ever since then, people on b5 have speculated their hair is falling out- I don't believe it- but the rumor was started. If you research B vites- they are proven to make hair thicker and healthier- not the opposite.

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