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Hi, to all you using accutane right now. I heard that while on accutane, you lose some,or alot of your hair? How true is this? have any of you expierenced this?

Also. I am seriously thinking about going on accutane. I have mild acne, but get new pimples almost everyday. Lots of red spots where pervious acne was,that can't seem to fade without a new pimple popping up right in its place. I am terribley sick of this. I just want clear skin. But I know it won't happen over night. I was thinking about getting on it, when I can get a job with decent benefits. Does anyone know if working at places such as wal-mart,kroger grocery store, or such places,will their benifits be good enough to cover most if not all the cost of accutane? Any info from you guys about this would be greatly appreciated.

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