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I will give you a little tip on buying items for acne. Any acne product claiming they are an acne miracle, in most cases aren't a miracle. They simply put ingredients such as salycic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Which btw are two of the more common things put into acne medications.

That being said, the amounts of salycic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide they put into the "acne miracles" are usually the same amount they put into over-the-counter acne medications. So, you can pretty much get as much out of a 5 dollar bottle of oxy as you can with proactiv and murad.

Another thing, anything that offers you a special deal that is said to last only "till tonight, order now or you'll miss this great chance," is most likely bogus. You can get the deal anytime you want, they just want to force you to buy the product now, while they have your attention, without researching it.

If they state that "thousands of others" have been cured of acne, perhaps there are people who have been cured of acne with the said product, however, there is always that larger sum of people, like some of the people of this board, who react poorly to typical medications such as the salycic acid and/or bp.

But, you never know, this could be your cure, it's the risk you take in finding that lost personal cure for acne. Good luck to you.

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