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Thank you very much Kramerica. Here's a quote of my own text I wrote a month ago:

QUOTE: "I'm currently on Accutane and I thought to do my bit. I started to take Accutane 4 months ago. First 2 months were okay, only thing that bothered was dry/chapped lips, but I managed very well with my Bebanthen salv (highly recommended) and nutrient lipbalm. Summer was/is like hell, my skin got burned and went all red. The redness is the most annoying thing: my whole face was red, except some places where the skin is thicker, but cheeks, the back of the neck, chin and nose was considerably red. Now the redness has reduced a little bit. Other thing that annoyed me after 2 months was my extremely dry eyes. It was hard to be outside cos' the wind dried the eyes all the time. Month ago it went really bad, I got eye-inflammation. It took 2 weeks to recover from it (I had to visit doc two times). All the side-effects reduced very much when I started to use Vitamin-E orally. My eyes got better and redness reduced. I've been taking vitamin-E 500-700IU. One month to go with Accutane and my there isn't a single spot on my face. I'd recommend that you start taking Vitamin-E (ask your derm anyway first) from the very beginning and use moisturizers (basic moisturizer with no parfum or other harmuful ingredients). Now when I'm almost off Accutane I can say that this been worth money&side-effects. I can't wait the day when all the side-effects are gone (the redness) and my face is clearer than ever. When it comes to the Vitamin-A, you are NOT allowed to use any products that contains Vitamin-A. My advice is: Buy some good basic moisturizer (non-greasy) for the day and some fatty moisturizer for the night (I've noticed that if the moisturizer contains grease it helps reducing the redness), start using Vitamin-E, and be PATIENT (I started to see results after the second month! All the best."

And how are things now when I've been off for 3 days: NO pimples or acne, few red marks, lips start to get better, eyes are still a little bit irritated and face is still red (it might take some time to recover from it). Overall I'm doing very fine.

There are good tips for you in the quote, but remember to be patient. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask! All the best and good luck.

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