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I need a liquid foundation for my skin which is pale pale, and i need really good coverage...i dont want the light stuff i need coverage! Thanks
I have REALLY fair skin, too, and finding a foundation that covers AND matches my skin tone is really a challenge. Thankfully, through a bit of trial and error, I've found that Maybelline's Great Wear concealer wand in FAIR really works well as a foundation because it covers more than regular foundation AND it's oil-free. I usually use this and then top it off with Neutrogena Healthy Defense pressed powder; that way, you'll get your necessary SPF as well.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
Mary Kay oil free liquid foundation is the only thing I will use...I have used it for over ten years. I have tried to switch to drugstore brands, but there is no comparison. It is a pain in the butt going through a consultant, but well worth it...just order 2 or 3 at a time so you only have to order about twice a year.....GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's very hard for us PALE-FACE gals to find a good foundation, then a color tone that works. I always play it safe and pick a lighter shade, but ALWAYS end up looking like a ghost too. And we all know that the darker shades on most of "us" look terrible to say the least.

I faithfully use all and only Neutrogena products. So, of course I bought the foundation and powder knowing that it can only help my poor face. But, no changes in skin and hardly covered anything. If you don't need to "cover up" much, then I recommend the can't hurt!

So....I think I'm going to also take the GREAT advice here and try the Revlon Colorstay!

We don't wanna look 14(no coverage) or like a clown(pancake look), so hopefully this is my answer too!

***sorry to go on and on and on! It's just nice to know there are really a lot of great people like me out there too!

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