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alright when it comes to smoking weed I'll be the first to admit I'm a pothead- not something I'm too happy about but I'm just being honest. if you're so concerned with smoking while on accutane just ask your derm. I was sure to ask before starting accutane. he said it will not affect the accutane. I also asked if smoking weed in general causes acne cause I've heard from a few people it does but he said it doesn't. but he did say smoking cigerattes is bad for your skin. and for all you ladies out there on accutane you all should be taking the pill and if you smoke cigerattes it would be a good idea to quit. cause 1 smoking while on the pill is really bad for you and 2 if you smoke cigerattes your skin will just progressively get worse and never clear up no matter what meds you take. I've been on accutane 3 months and 2 weeks on friday now. I didn't quit smoking cigerattes until last friday. so it's been 6 days without a cigeratte and it's gotta be the hardest habit to kick but my skin is way more important to me then smoking a cigeratte!! hopefully I can hold out at least until I'm off accutane and cleared up!! but anyway, yeh smoking weed is fine it's just smoking cigs you have to stay away from. good luck to everyone!
i'm just curious...what was the doctor's reasoning in saying that smoking weed is ok and smoking cigarettes is not? what is differentiating their side effects? they're both smoke, no??
I don't think it has anything to do with the smoke itself..I think what it is, is what you're smoking. just like cigerattes cause cancer while smoking weed is actually a cure for some cancer patients. I'm not saying smoking weed is good for you but I have a friend whose a nurse and she swears 90% of the doctors at her hospital smoke weed. weed is a very accepted drug cause it's not physically addictive..I don't know maybe I'm just biast cause I smoke weed but either way my derm gave the okay on it so I'm good. good luck guys.

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