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Thanks, I didnt know that.. I heard that I might not be good because ACCUTANE is a depresent, and weed can be a depresent drug... So i better get it outta my system and smok out before next week... DAMN! now how you have to get blood work b4 your start ACCUTANE..... I have to get mine this monday... Do you think if I had smoked the friday before which is this friday... that the weed will show up in blood work??? Or does that not even matter with the type of blood work they friend said it should be fine since its not a quote DRUG TEST..... but i dont want to take a chance since my mom will be with me at the doctors with me to get the test... I dont want them to give the results and be like" ok your liver is fine, good condition you should be OK for Accutane, However it shows that marijuana is present in your system""" that would suck..... So my question is, if you know.... or think you know..... "Even though it would be in my system, Would the type of blood work they do show that it's in there?" Basically I dont want me mom or dad to find out cuz then its the END!!!! LOL.

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