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Minocycline + vits
Oct 30, 2002

Do any of you know if you have to leave a certain amount of time after you have taken minocycline pill to take your vitamins which are:

Complete multivitamin
cod liver oil capsule
vitamin e capsule

If you take them all at once, which i do, with a glass of pure orange juice, does it make minocycline less effective?

Or is it okay to keep taking them all 2gether?
Hi Chicklet,

You should not take Minocycline with your multi vitamin because it will make the Minocycline less effective.

Here is a link with some useful info which explains this:

Take care,
hi son is on this same medication and it's an antibiotic, used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections including acne.

it would be wise to consult your doctor if you are taking other things with it...including vitamins. antacids, iron, vitamins (zinc), and sucralfate may decrease the effectiveness. so your doctor will be best to advise you on when and what to take.

hope this helps...

Thanks for your replys!!

I have a appointment with my derm on 26th Nov, so I will ask him about it them.

I was on mino a couple of months ago and I had to wait 2 hours after taking it to take my multi-vitamin because it contained iron. Since I took one mino in the morning and one at night, I just took my vitamin at lunch time. I hope this helps.
I was told by my doctor that its not good to take Vitamin E capsules on Minocin or on any acne medication.
Vitamin E causes flushing of the body leaving redness on your face..
my doctor recommended that when on minocin nothing else should be taken or put on face. cause minocin will take care of your pores making extra cream and vit
amins/medications to overreact to the body.

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