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Jul 15, 2002
AAH ! ive been going to the same derm for the past 7 months,(i also went to him about 3years ago but left) well anyways i went today for a check up, he changed almost all my stuff. I used to be on differin gel @ night and zithromax-->but that cr*p gave me a vaginal rash or something like that (this sux!) so he put me now on doxy and tazorac (he said it was like 5x stronger then differin) he also said he changed me to this cuz it would help w/ my oilyness n blackheads, ok but drying my face out irritates me even more! (it'll probly make me break out alot) .. im so sick of going to derms, all we do is spend money n when our acne actually clears up its b/c we're probly done w/ puberty, unless uve taken accutane. Which i dont wanna go on especially that im already on 150mg. of zoloft.

Can anyone tell me their opinion/experiences/results w/ doxycycline n tazorac?.... whatever will b helpful..thanx!!!!!
by the way ive been using tea tree oil on a blemish for the past 2/3 nights n it is awesome, it made the blemish(small cyst) so much smaller n now its almost gone, which before it would take like 1 wk. n that would only b if a head came up, which then i would pop.
Re: Help!
Jul 16, 2002
thanx ya'll, i put on tazorac last night n its ok , what i like is that this mnornin after i washed my face u could just c the blackheads cominn out. Lets c how it goes..

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