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I know some of you are gonna think I'm a complete idiot because of this, but I took the advice of some of the board members here and applied hydrogen peroxide to some of my active pimples. Well...some ran down my cheek, and now it looks like I have little extremely pale white streaks down my face. What should I do? How long will it take for it to wear off?
not long for me, like 5 or 10 min
Oh, awesome. I thought it was like days. Thanks! =)
Hi Contego, don't worry, it'll go away fast.
Contego, be careful with the peroxide around your hair'll bleach it a little if you get it on your hair.
hey, i'm asian, do you think when i was young i was white? but then i used peroxide and maybe it turned me asian??????
I don't might want to ask your parents...
Thathi, I'm guessing you're Thai? What do you am I.
Huh????? no, i'm from singapore and i moved here to america when i was that means i know just about nothing about singapore and was raised in an american way! gosh, i'm as little asian as an asian can be...or almost.
You sound like you really resent having an Asian background. How sad. I was adopted when I was 3, so in your terms...I was raised "The American way" you'll mature enough so that you're not embarrased of your culture.
no no, you got me wrong...i was just stating the no way do i resent my culture. but the truth is that i know very little about that culture.

just wanted to clear that up
Oh, sorry I misunderstood.

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