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I've been upping my marijuana usage big time as I haven't been able to hit the bottle. Overall, I feel great, I'm a month into the Accutane treatment still smoking weed consistently, and only noticing good results. I can get depressed on occasion and the weed is only helping along this process for me... it really isn't making things worse.

Is it going to mess with my levels when the doc checks me next though?
i was on Roaccutane (called accutane in USA & Cannada) a year and half ago. After the 3rd month, the 1st two layers of my skin practically fell off! i was left with a zit free skin. But i had a a couple of red marks & blemishes which gradually went away. I must admit the treatment was worth it......but i had severe side effects.

accutane appears to mess around with the chemicals released from ur brain. i was told by my dermatologist to cut down on alcohol but i dont drink much anyway.
the thing was i had mood changes, i was irritable, crabby and im sooooo sure i had mild depression.

If i were u, i would cut down on weed or give it up all together, especially if ur on medical drug totally messes around with ur brain
and it certainly wont improve the condition of ur skin.

Dont mess around with accutane.....its a dangerous drug...believe me.

good luck
I smoked weed every single day while on accutane and the accutane worked great. I was walking around without a shirt on when i was working today, i haven't been in public shirtless in over 7 years due to HORRIBLE cystic acne on my back/shoulders/chest. My point is, accutane is a miracle drug, and so is pot

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