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Re: Sage updates?
Jul 10, 2002
Originally posted by fedup:
i ordered zit zapper in my reorder and got MZZ is that basically the same,,and miracle that better then fix zit..what is the big difference...and does anyone else notice that the mssr isnt really working..think it works best for only 1 type of skin.....the only thing you can use instead of mssr is the mzz in the day right???anyone else on accutane and doing sage as well..think it is ok to do booster doses everyday.since i am not suppose to sleep in it

Zit Zapper and MZZ are the same exact thing....Miracle Zit Zapper. Other than smoothing cream and gel, Zit Zapper and MSSR liquid are the only acne "treatment" products you can use during the day. Neither Miracle Zit or Fix Zit can be used during the day unless you are doing a booster dose and will not go outside. Both are benzoyl peroxide products and make you photosensitive...which basically means you will burn big time! Zit Zapper (MZZ or ZZ) is glycolic and salycic acid, while MSSR liquid is just salycic acid.

Personally, I don't like either Zit Zapper or MSSR. I use 2% MSSR and I honestly don't think it's done a thing for me other than temporarily taking the redness out of my skin, but I only use it at night so that doesn't matter too much. I can't use it during the day because it balls up under my makeup. Zit Zapper on the other hand, I hated. It made me super dry and irritated, but I think that's because I already use both smoothing cream and gel which contain high percentages of glycolic acid. It was probably too much glycolic acid for my skin at one time, and my skin improved after I stopped using it. But that's not to say it doesn't work...I know people whose favorite Sage products are MSSR and Zit Zapper. Mine are smoothing cream, pink gelloid and of course, the facial shampoo and grains.

The difference between Fix Zit and Miracle Zit is that Fix Zit is more gentle on the skin. Miracle Zit is stronger. I've used both and Miracle Zit made me red and dry, while Fix Zit does's actually quite moisturizing and contains more soothing extracts (chamomile, aloe, etc.) I've been using 5% Fix Zit and 10% Fix Zit really thick all over my face every single night for the past 4 months and have never had a problem with dryness or redness from it, with the exception of maybe the first week or so. I only have problems with dry skin when I use Fix Zit XX too much, or any of the Miracle Zit strengths.

I know how confusing this is, believe me! I read the website and all the instructions for weeks before I got my try-me pack and I was still confused all the time. I quickly got the hang of it though =)

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