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Re: Centrium A-Zinc
Apr 18, 2002
Unfortunately, too much iodine can cause even clear skinned people to break out. Whatever you do, do not take Centrum! I got very angry with my mother a few weeks ago when she bought me Centrum after I specifically told her NO IODINE. I refuse to take them and she thinks I'm out of my mind. I had an awful experience with eating onions not too long ago...I had huge boils all over my face and my skin never reacts like that to anything. I have very mild cysts or big pimples...just little bumps all over. But after eating a whole onion, I had a face full of red cysts. You do need iodine in your diet or you'll get a big ol' goiter on your neck but you get plenty...heck, even water has iodine in it. You definately don't need supplements. I don't know why drug companies insist on putting this awful stuff in all their vitamins. Steer clear! Look for children's multi-vitamins...sometimes they are iodine-free and they taste really good too =)

One more thing...not everything with iodine will make everyone's acne worse. It differs from person to person. For me, I eat one onion and my face explodes. But I can eat lobster and most shellfish with no problem...I had a 2lb lobster for dinner last week on my mom's birthday and absolutely nothing happened. I think it differs from food to food and person to person.

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