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Acne is caused by sugar. Sugar is not a food but is a crystalline carbohydrate that forces your metabolism to speed up for short periods of time. It is also semi-addictive. Sugar ingestion is especially damaging for anyone who is going through puberty because your metabolism is already going through major changes as your body is changing from a child state to a reproductive state.
To get rid of acne you will have to reduce or, preferrably, eliminate sugar from your diet. That means you will have to read the labels of what you eat and if the label says one of the contents is sugar or sucrose then choose something else that is more healthful. Since sugar is semi-addictive it is not always easy to refrain from eating things with sugar in it, especially when producers of sugar based products flood the market with so many choices. One thing that worked for me was any time I got the urge to have something sweet I would think about how many zits was I going to get from it, and then I would generally have a sandwich or an apple instead. Once you pass up that initial urge to have something sweet and choose something healthful then the urge passes for a while. That's because it's not completely addictive, like tobacco for instance.
About the worst product for sugar content to volume ratio is mayonnaise or miracle whip as some call it. It is THE major zit maker. Ketchup is the next worst. These products are about 55% and 45% sugar by volume, respectively. Peanut butter is about the next worst. Then come the chocolates and candies and pastries. You'll have to give up soda pop and cookies and a lot of breakfast cereals.
Once you stop eating all that sugar it will take two or three day for the sugar in your system to clear and then the zits will begin to shrink. After the second week of not eating sugar you will notice that most of the zits are gone or nearly gone. Within a month the acne will be not much more than a bad memory. The younger you are the faster it will clear up.
This doesn't mean that you have to give up eating everything with sugar in it for the rest of your life. After you get through your growing stages and become an adult you can eat some sweets as long as you practice moderation.
Keeping clean is also a good policy but it isn't nearly as important as staying off the sugar. The little nodules that clog the pores of skin are produced as a byproduct of the excess sugar in your system. When this reduced sugar intake clears up your skin make sure you tell anyone you know that needs to know about it. Don't be afraid to copy this whole article and post it or send it to wherever it will do some good.

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