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Hey KrazieKatie,
I did respond to your first post and I can't find it anywhere either! Strange?
First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your sister. She definitely will have to do accutane. I think that's the only treatment for her. I've been off of acutane for almost 5 months and no more zits. I pray that it stays this way forever. As for the scars, make sure you get rid of the zits first then treat the scars. It's useless to fix the scars if you're gonna break out later and have to redo everything.
Make sure you eat adequate amounts of Vit A, Vit C, Zinc and protein. Those nutrients will contribute to collagen growth and skin formation. Drink lots of water too. Next use a good topical exfoliant like Micro Retin-A or Differen gel. Those medications will help losen dead skin. Also use a good moderately abbrasive scrub like loofah or apricot scrub to help take off those many dead layers of skin. Finally, check with a dermatologist and go in for a monthly micro-dermabrasion session. All these methods will contribute to healthy and great looking skin in the long run. Your scars won't disappear over night but will fade quicker by these methods. Don't give up hope, there are ways to treat scars it just takes alot of patiences and knowledge.

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