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hi, west virginia girl, although i'm just on 5 weeks of accutane and has not seemed the miraculous effects yet, i do really recommend that you take roaccutane and give it a try. there may be people who highlight all the potential side effects , and truly i put off the initial idea of taking accutane and took on antibiotic for 8 months, then when i'm off it bad old acne came back and give me a visit, i started on multi-vitamin herpanacine for 6 months and it works well, i think much better than antibiotics but i have to make sure that i keep away from junk food, chocolate and all those stuffs that were so dear to me. Except that now my lifestyle couldn't afford all this and the acne came coming back so i realise that i have come one full circle realising that i have run out of ways to reinvent any new methods that i started on accutane.

i recommend accutane not because i experienced the beneficial effects now but because your acne sounds too serious for you to rely simply on vitamin supplements. give accutane a shot and see what effects it has on your skin, don't delay anymore because the more you delay the higher risk that you have more scars left behind.

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