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ok here is my deal,i am 24 years old and had severe acne all my life. i have regular zits,blackheads,whiteheads,small hard ball type things under my skin,cysts...i suppose these are cysts also but i have very bad places on my inner thigh and unber my breast with nothing but blood under them,i have blackheads all over my body,my face has scars,holes and when i do sqeeze the stuff in this stuff comes out forever. i am not trying to be gross i am just stating the facts here and i really need some help! i have been to two dermatologist and nothing and i have tried everything from prescripton medicines to about 1,000 over the counter things. i have gave up but no matter what i do my face and body looks horrible. i take paxil 40 mg a day for anxiety and i thought maybe they are causing the cysts cause i read somewhere they would. but it what i am wondering will these b5 get rid of blacheads and ect...instood of just regular face is so oily and i want to try and see if it will help,but seriously guys there is not one place on my entire body besides my legs and arms that don't have some kind of acne on it.i can pick a place on my skin and squeeze usually on my face and stuff with come out,cause i have like places under my skin also but you can see them too they just don't get a head or anything on them!!!!!! if the b5 would work for all that i have wrong how much should i take and ect...
i have did nothing but read about this b5 and other stuff for almost four days now cause i didn't want to write the same questions over and over but i just can't read anymore so somebody,anybody HELP ME!

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