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Yes! my skin is exactly the same way & i have finally gotten my makeup to look great.

the most important thing is color matching. concealer a tiny bit lighter than foundation, foundation should be as close as you can get to your skin tone after it has dried - and you need a great loose powder to dust over.

here's my morning routine - it's a lot of products & i am a perfectionist - sometimes i need less but the red marks are slowly fading and are pretty hard to cover up.

here it is - in 2 varations depending on how my skin feels that day & if i am breaking out, or my face is really red.

Routine 1:
-cleanse with clearasil 3 in 1 (used to be called StayClear) - it's surprisingly really mild & has little exfoliating beads in it - if you use your fingers to swirl around the dry spots it's just enough to help without irritating
-use a washcloth to gently wash it off & LIGHTLY scrub in circular motions over the flaky skin
-splash with cold water to help close up the pores, lightly pat face dry
-apply moisturizer lightly - this can wreck your makeup if you don't have a good one, or you don't let it sit for long enough - your make up will just slide around and cake on the dry parts - try different ones depending on how your skin feels that day, and if your foundation is moisturizing or not
-do other stuff for 10 min.. while the lotion sinks in - your skin should feel soft and firm

open your blinds and sit right by a window. put on another light if you like as well, but the natural light is a necessity
you should have a hand held mirror so you can hold it closely - a powder compact works fine.

-if you have any obvious big flakes - take a pair of good quality tweezers and GENTLY flake it off. be careful not to pull at any skin or it will go further and you will have a bigger red spot!
-concealer - revlon colorstay - amazing it lasts all day & matches my skin very well. dot it on about 5 spots, then gently pat your finger tip on the spot to blend it, focus around the edges of the spot, the middle will blend itself. its ok if you can still see the spots a bit.
-smooth foundation over.. about 1/6th of your face at a time, with your fingers.. blend it in especially around your hairline, jawline - down part of your neck too - it's way easier than trying to end the makeup at your jaw. don't use too much foundation you will look like a porcelain doll i like almay kinetin foundation because it makes my skin feel smooth and a bit dewy, and matches great. most important is the color. you can compensate for the moisture level up or down by changing your moisturizer.
-if my skin is REALLY bad, broken out as well, i use revlon colorstay liquid foundation. this stuff is amazing. it really does last all day, doesn't make me breakout, i can work out and still look great!! if you use this - don't put powder over, you don't need it.
-your skin should look pretty good at this point. you are not going to look perfect, so avoid the temptation to pile on more makeup. you should be evened out, but not dead-looking and a few spots may be a bit noticeable.
-to cover up the stubborn spots that still show through, when they get dark they're SO hard to cover - i take revlon colorstay STICK foundation (at this point foundation is already on there, and more concealer would make it look dry and cakey), regardless of the foundation i use, and rub my finger over the stick and dot it on the spot with my finger. that is what makes the difference between 'pretty good' and 'wow hey my face looks good!' i stick with the same brand for color consistency and because it matches my skin the best. this is what i take to work with me if i need to touch anything up later.
-put on a bit of eyebrow pencil, mascara, whatever else you use.. be light other makeup, you want to look pretty natural - not call attention to the fact that you have a ton of makeup on. light glossy lipstick is great (clinique almost lipstick in black honey is AMAZING on any skin tone)
-just when you are ready to leave - this is what seals the deal. dust some loose powder over your face, not too much - and thank you to whoever posted this tip on the board - Clinique loose powder, the one that comes in 'Glow' colors. it has a bit of luminescense that makes your skin look GREAT! i use glow 3.
if i use the colorstay liquid foundation i skip the powder - the make up is too heavy & is made to sit on your skin without budging - putting a slightly shimmered powder on it makes it look awful because it doesn't set into it like regular makeup.

-touch ups - if i really need to cover something, the colorstay stick foundation dotted on with fingertip - otherwise i lightly dust MAC blot powder over with a portable brush i take with me, to get rid of shine. if i get really shiny i blot with a kleenex gently first.
whew.. even i am tired now.. oh yeah buy your make up at rite-aid or clinique/cosmetics counters - don't be afraid to take it back to get something that works better for you. & don't be afraid to spend some $ for good products..

since my skin tends to get drier than most people w/acne, i look stuff up on epinions to see if people say 'this is bad for people with dry skin' or oily skin etc' and that rules some things out sometimes.


-thin layers... you can always put more on later but too much to start with will mess the whole thing up!

i went away for the weekend & my friend saw me put on my makeup after the worst my skin has been in 2 yrs and she said i should get a job as a makeup artist hahaha

you may only need to dot on some stick foundation as concealer where you need it, and dust over some powder - sometimes that looks MUCH better than piling on a bunch of stuff - less can definitely be more.

my routine is complicated because i have yellow-undertoned skin, acne, dry skin, red spots all around my face, and permanently rosy cheeks!! that get super pink when i sweat! so scale it down if you need to.

wow.. ok my fingers hurt now.. good luck!!! i hope this helps SOMEONE!

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