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Well, my acne all started way back when I was in High School. I was getting Acne on my face (mostly around my chin area) and was getting huge zits. I remember some people used to point at me because of it. Oh boy did that make me feel horrible. Once High School was over, so was my Acne. I was clear for around 2-3 years.

Then about 3 years ago, I started getting a little acne on my back and I really didn't think much of it and didn't do anything about it.... but it got worse and worse and worse. I went on vacation that summer and where I was visiting was close to the ocean. I couldn't even bare to take off my shirt and swim I was really upset.

I had just finished my 1st year of University with an average of 85% too! My next year was kinda ****ty. I had super low self esteem and marks dropped big time. I went to an acne clinic and the doctoc prescribed Retina A, Antibiotics, and Cetaphil cleanser. I was on this for about 8months to 1 year and I saw absolutely no improvement in my condition. In fact, my acne got worse.

At this stage, I was starting to also get acne on my face. But the acne on my back was horrible. Too many to count I tried so many different things.. salt water, removing dairy from diet, no junk foods, Acnease, some remedy from another country, different kinds of soap (chinese honey soap, dove, oil of olay, anti-bacterial soaps). NOTHING helped.

Somewhere during all this time, my face got pretty clear and now I barely get zits on my face... if I do I can count them on one hand. But I get a lot of clogged pores around my nose area. But hey, better than big ugly zits! I was doing all sorts of crazy things to my face and I just decided to not use anything on my face.. not even soap. I swear to you this must have helped and gave time for my face to heal itself. But my back condition was much worse than my face to the point I didn't care what I would get on my face I just wanted my back to be clear. You have no idea how many times I prayed to god to clear this stupid acne and it just never happened. I was thinking why was I cursed with this stupid thing. I was kind of loosing faith. My parents would ask, abd say blah blah pray blah blah, and I would tell them, what is the use, they only thing I pray for and it never happens. My words shocked them I guess.

Recently I decided to try using BP from some information I found on a website (see my port on BP Regimen a few days ago). Let me tell you I wish that I had tried this sooner! Basically I apply a lot of BP. But I modified the proposed regimen and I wash with cetaphil cleanser first, then with 5% BP Soap, then rinse with cold water, then apply lots of 5% BP cream. I swear to you this stuff just MELTS the zits away.

So this is what is working for me now and I am finally happy that it is! I just wish I tried this sooner. I've been on this for I think 4 days (I made the post so that it reminds me when I started too :P) My only problem now is all the redness on my skin For as long sa I can remember, by upper back has been pretty red (probably since the Retina-A.. that stuff is garbage) I need to figure out how to get rid of this redness in my skin.

So if anyone has horrible acne even big red bumps (cystic I think), give BP a try and I swear you will see improvements within a few days.


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