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Originally posted by katrinka:
I'm one of those people that can't leave these things be. I'll squeeze the heck out of it until I get something which of course always makes it worse and infected. But I can usually clear it up pretty fast by using my pore vacuumer, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin. I had one a week ago - very painful and now it's completely gone including any telltale signs that it was even there. Do I recommend this? Absolutely not, but if it gets to that point, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin are the best.

How nice, a kindred spirit! I can't leave cysts or any other large swelling on my face alone, either. Holes left do not bother me as much as the knot that will never go away unless the core is removed. And cysts are a very special kind of problem because the "core" is way down in the surfaces of the skin. Unless that plug is ever removed, the cyst has the potential of returning. I am not squeamish about taking sharp instruments and digging very deep to remove these plugs. There is no pain that compares with the soreness of an inflamed, ugly cyst.

With that ghoulishness out of the way, I am intrigued by your "pore vacuumer." How much suck can you get that you can the kind of results you do? Microdermabrasion is suggested for acne sufferers because it has the vacuum effect, too. What is the device you use? Pat

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