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WOAH WOAH WOAH hang on there, Mr. Singaporean. Sissy? You think trying to make yourself look better is being a *sissy*? I'm a guy, and I use concealer AND foundation, and I've noticed how more confident I am, and plus, when girls are talking to you, they look in your eyes, not at your skin. But if you have BAD skin, they can notice it, but if you use makeup, and use it well, they don't notice, atleast with me. No one has asked me yet if I use makeup or not.
Secondly, for the foundation, what I did was, I went into the cosmetic department of this store, and I told them I wanted a foundation for my girlfriend, and she had skin similar to mine, so the lady gave me this "universal" foundation (powder form), that works on all types of skin, except black. It's from Gucci, and it cost me about $60 (converted), but it's so awesome, and no one notices. And certainly, *I* don't think me wearing makeup is sissy-ish, maybe a little odd, but not sissy-ish, because all I'm doing is trying to make me look better. Why do you comb your hair? Why do you wear good clothes? Why not just go out wearing towels, or something? And plus, as someone else once suggested, if someone DOES ask you what's on your face, tell them it's your acne treatment, and it's tinted
So yeah, that whole sissy thing is a bunch of crap, sorry.


One more thing, actually. Someone posted something up there that I agree with, too. I hate putting on makeup, it's like, ugh, you know, I'm just faking it. But then again, it's not MY FAULT I have acne, right? I'm just trying to LOOK better, not fake it.

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actually if i ever found the site again, i ran by it one day where they just sell makeup for men. it is a whole site and no ther not gay like some of you think but just something to enhance the looks i guess. i mean come on who says girls could only look ther best right? there is plenty of more people guys im talking about that wear makeup that you cant tell. ill never forget one of the more popular kids in high school gym i beleive and i was walking into the bathroom and ther he was with his moms yes his moms liquid makeup stick thing putting it on a little spot that he had. he had like almost perfect skin and he is like yeah if girls can do it why not us or whatever. but yeah dont be embarrassed at all as long as you feel better about yourself. acne i bet is such a hard thing to deal with. cause when i had mild acen and a cyst here or there i would get really really upset so i can imagine how you guys are with moderate.severe acne. just hang in there and try to take it a day at a time. most people these days dont even really act negative or stare as much cause it just seems like ther is so many people who have some bad skin problems. i also understand how it feels to go to a lady and ask her or whatever but im telling you most likly most of them will understand you compelelty and i bet it isnt there first time selling to a guy at all. also i mean if you live with your mom or whatever the case might be try some of hes cause your skin tone i bet is similiar obviously. good luck

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