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Some of you said that Revlon is the best foundation to use, and i was just wondering if their foundation clogs pores or anything like that. I've been using Loreal and I really hate it cuz it looks extremely cakey when i put it on and by the end of the day it starts flaking, making my face look like it's cracking or something. My face is always red and bumpy because i'm on Retin A, and i'd be so happy if i could find a foundation that'll really cover up the redness w/o causing my acne to get worst. So yeah, if anyone can give me some makeup tips I'd really appreciate it. =)
I would add two things to all I have read on this matter. 1. Be more concerned about how YOU feel about yourself rather than how others feel about you. You'll always find someone who agrees with you and someone who doesn't so seek agreement only from yourself. 2. Always apply any make up in natural light. I put my mirror right in my bedroom window and apply my makeup. That's the best way to have "barely there" coverage. It will help you look natural in all other lighting situations. I cover quite a bit of redness from previous acne but still get complements on my skin because I cover the problems in natural lighting no matter what kind of foundation I have used.
Also, see the question I posted about Dermablend foundation. It sounds too good to be true so I wanted to know if anyone else had tried it.

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