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any makeup clogs your pores but so does the environment itself,even if you're not wearing mak-up. I have been wearng foundation over 4 years now every single day and it never caused my acne, i mean other things do but not my makeup.....even when my face would clear up after certain medications, I still wore makeup to cover up the scars and it never caused breakouts. Once i cleared up for like 8 months straight after really watching what i was eating, using lots of meds, and drinking lots of water(what i am doing now). So those 8 months i ore fundation and i never got a zit. But why I do like Revlon the best is that it stops my oil, it dries up my skin a little and it lasts for long long hours. But then again (different foundation work for different people) like if you have a very dry skin, I wouldn't recommend using it.
Skiblue: I use Physician's Formula's two in one stick (the one that has green on one end, and peach on the other), but I rarely use the green. That's because I don't mess with my pimples anymore, and I've noticed that even though some pimples leave behind scars, the scars aren't half as bad as they are when I DO pop them.
As for the foundation, I use this one by Givenchy (not Gucci as I had earlier told a few people ) ... YEAH YEAH I know you're wondering, "Why the hell did he buy GIVENCHY instead of just a regular foundation?" Well, because firstly, it's SPF 15, and it's non-comedogenic. The lady at the counter told me about it. Also, for *some* reason, to me, the more expensive something is, the better it works. *lol* Yeah, stupid, I know, but I like the foundation


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