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Hi, I will be posting a short of journal for my new attempt on trying to clear my acne. It was never that bad until atound my 16th B-Day back in April. I have read all around that smoking weed and acne have nothing in commen. Some even say it may help acne. But I was readinga web site that said think about your lifestyle when you started gettign acne. I have tried many products, pills, over-the-counter ....Everything. Except ACCUTANE. I wont try that Im too scared and I dont think It's worht it. So back to what I was saying. I thought about it and the ONLY thing that I thought of was that My acne got way worse about a month after I started smoking alot. So I'm going to go back on Proactiv, While Still On Vitamins C, E, B Complex And Zinc (Which I have been on for about 1-2 Months or less), And now I'm going to stop smoking. I don'k know how long I should try this. Web sites say wait up to 4 months before you can see any results on a Clear-Up-Acne Attempt. Whether it be topical washes, pills etc... I guarentee if I do all this for over 4-5 months and No big improvements, I will start smoking again. But I love my FACE more than my HIGH. So here it goes... I'll keep you posted.

(8/29/02) Day 1 - First day of quit & First day going back on Proavtic again

(8/30/02) Day 2 - No noticeable changes but it's only been 1 day so obviously nothing REAL BIG should be happening yet. It is looking a little worse but It should just be because I switched from using other products back to Proactiv again. Hopefully in the next 3 days before school starts my face will at least be decent.

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