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Not sure why Mr. Right thinks B5 won't help. B5 (10mg) + zinc gluconate (30mg) has absolutely done my acne in. I also just started taking a B-complex, as well - to avoid reported B-vitamin deficiencies. Personally, I would try B5/Zinc long before I would consider Accutane, but a lot of people are successful on Accutane, as well. Good Luck!

~ Cur111
Hey coleman

I am taking a b-complex now..100 mg and 100 mg zinc with my accutane....i didn;t notice it helping my initial breakout....i just started today adding the b-5 to my routine...taking 5g a day as well as evening primrose...i am at 1.5 month and have cystic acne along my jawline and some on my cheeks...i think the vitamins as long as not vitamin a will help not hurt you....i will keep you updated if i notice a difference since adding b-5

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