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Re: Clogged Pores?
Apr 6, 2002
Originally posted by Hollywood:

a question for anyone else dealing with these: is it best to leave them untouched and allow them to fallout on their own? i mean, if they are not noticable, why even take a chance at irritating them? also, has anyone outgrown this? is it even possible to outgrow this form of acne? its gota be concidered mild acne, but probably one of the most annoying forms too.

I would not mess with them...don't touch, pick or squeeze, even if it looks like the plug is ready to pop right out because sometimes they leave ice pick scars (at least they do for me.) Ice pick scars look like small needle pricks in your skin and are very hard to get rid of. Also, if you don't get the entire plug out, it just festers in your skin and will become a big mother zit. If this is the only type of acne you have (like me) I would definately suggest a BHA solution. BHA exfoliates the pores, loosening all that junk in there. Paula's Choice 1% and 2% is very good and pretty cheap. I think a 4oz bottle is only $14 and would last you several months.

If left alone, those little plugs do eventually fall out, but ONLY if you don't do anything to aggravate them which is next to impossible. Anything can turn them into regular pimples...stress, hormones, unsafe makeup, skin care products, food, etc, etc, etc. You want to catch them before they explode on you. Benzoyl peroxide and salycic acid (BHA) both work great but must be used consistently to avoid the breakout cycle. I'd also recommend an AHA. Paula's Choice also has an AHA solution (I believe it's 8%.) I've never used it but have heard nice things about it.

I've been dealing with these persisent and annoying plugs for 4 years (I'm now almost 23 years old) and finally decided to REALLY do something about it a few months ago. I've tried Retin-A a few years ago, Proactiv, many different high and low end skin care lines and almost every over the counter product you can think of. I did my research, picked something I thought was promising and I'm definately glad I did, even though I'm experiencing some irritation right now. I would look into Sage or Paula's Choice. Both are great lines. Paula's Choice is cheaper, but I like Sage alot better and they have more aggressive products. Just keep in mind that these do not work for everyone, but I've done alot of research and have found a great deal of people who have had success with both of these lines.

For the person who asked where you can get Paula's Choice products, do a google search for it and it will take you to her website. I would just give you the link but we're not allowed to do that here.

Good luck!

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