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Originally posted by zittycow:
[b]Hey jani, whats up? did you ever do the peel? If so would like to hear your results.
My skin has got worse lately and im real depressed about it. Got a lot of new pimples along my jawline and i just dunno what to do, how to get rid of them, im fearing a new massive invasion and that terrifies me. I'd appreciate any tips froom people about how to stop this... if its possible that is...

Getting very good results tho using kojic acid for the red marks.

Hey Zittycow!!!!

I'm sorry I didn't post! I was unable to Post, but I was able to read the board. (It looked like a few people were going to try it).

I did order the Peel when I said I was going too. However, they were having problems processing my order. So after around 3 or 4 days of waiting I cancelled it! I had ordered a glycolic peel (70% doctor strength) to do after the Skin Culture from another place. I decided to go ahead and do the glycolic peels. I have done 3 peels so far at once a week. I started off with 40% (you can control how much percentage by adding more acid reducer).

I will have to admit, I wish that I did the Skin Culture first, but having to wait for the processing I changed my mind. I still want to do a deep peel, and then keep up with it by doing a glycolic peel once a week. As you know the Skin Culture says: Wait a month after glycolic peels, etc.....

I will either wait (not do a glycolic peel) for about 3 weeks and do the Skin Culture or go and have a TCA Peel. With a TCA Peel you don't have to wait. I want something done before the Holidays and I am running out of time!!

Like I have told so many people. Proactiv really did save me!! It doesn't dry your face out. Plus I use it with my other skin care regimin (SP?).

So you decided not to do a peel?

Hey that's great about the kojic acid!!


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