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Originally posted by Natalia:
For the ladies--

Is anyone on Depo Provera or a former Depo Provera user?


Hi Natalia! Of course everyone reacts differently with is the majority that has the bad side effects etc. I am one of them. I'm different from the woman above.

***I just had my baby(years ago) and the Depo shot was like a dream come true for me. I unfortunately didn't do any research on the side effects, I just dealt with them.
Personally, I didn't really gain any weight, but as hard as I tried....I couldn't lose even 1 pound! When I finally stopped getting the shot, a few months later the weight was almost gone.
I began to get cystic acne after getting the shot and it hasn't stopped yet. I say if when you are PMSing, or if the Birth Control Pill screws up your hormones...don't try Depo! It is such a high dose that stays in your system.
But, I can say the ONLY benefit I had was that I didn't get my period for the whole 1 1/2 years I was on the shot(minus the first couple months) and 1 year after I stopped getting the shot.
Just research until you're comfy with your decision!
Take care

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