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i'm a 19 year old male. i weigh 185 pounds. i work out constantly. and have had really bad facial and body acne for 3 years. well, i finally got on acutane two and a half months ago at 40 mg a day. everything was fine, just that my lips were really dry. anyway, i wasn't seeing results so i had my doc up my dosage to 40 mg twice a day and about 5 days in i started getting a few clumps of dried up scaly scabby skin kinda like ring worm down my arm. well by the 10th day, it's spread all the way down my right arm in large clumps (not ring worm like anymore), it's sore, slightly itchy and now the same thing is happening to my left arm. my doc told me to stop taking it for a week to see what happens. anyone else have this problem? also, i'm sure i'm still in the intial breakout period, but my back gets 15-26 new pimples a day, it's disgusting. should it break out that much?

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