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Originally posted by takecare:
In spanish?! yeeeeaaaah baby!
Sólo quiero decirles que me siento bien de tener amigos de otros lugares del mundo.
No se depriman por culpa del acné, no es tan malo.

Disfruten su vida!!

Of course I understood it all! I have knowledge of past tense, future, and all that. I'm just not too good at it! hehe. Well, i'm gonna write in english, cuz i'm too tired to translate to spanish. maybe next time in spanish for ya!
I'm not sure...did you say that you don't think acne is the reason that one is depressed, seeing that it's not that bad? I think it all depends on how bad the acne is and how long you've had it. I wish I was as optimistic as you, but i've had acne for 5 years now and it's so frustrating when you try so hard to get rid of it.

Icedout...I totally disagree. There are tons of people out there who will like you who are considered beautiful. I think how you carry yourself is what matters in many cases, it's just hard to do if you think so negatively about yourself(like I do). and what's wrong with a pimple prone person asking you out? jeez, that sentence is totally opposite of what people on this board feel. i freaking promise that when i get rid of my acne, i will be the most confident person out there. i promise that i will not stop, because i'll have nothing to hold me back! so many people talk **** about me now, but once i break out of these chains, i will show em all up! they all thought i was stupid, cuz i was so depressed to try in high school. now i'm getting straight a's in college, so screw them all! and if i meet someone with acne, if they are nice, i will be just as nice.

takecare, this may have strayed from your topic...sorry. i just want those dreams of mine to come true! i will be one of the best attorneys ever! my far far far far dream would be to be a justice in the U.S. supreme court!

Que tenga un buen dia! Estoy de acuerdo sobre, "Disfruten su vida!"

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