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is there a direct corelation between excess facial hair and hormonal acne? if so, what would "excess" facial hair be considered?? eyebrows that grow back quickly (after being waxed)? a mustache?? how would i know if my acne is hormonal, and if it is, will accutane work for it??

i just went on spirolactone for my cystic acne. i heard so many good stories about it so it is my last shot before accutane. i get cysts right before my period so they are saying it's hormonal. i would check with you derm regarding spiro. i am on my 4th week and hoping it will work. good luck
Thanks all...
what is "excess" facial hair? And yes I totally break out right before my period.
Will accutane help hormonal acne or is there no point?
I think that some people have the wrong idea about "hormonal" acne. Most of us have hormonal acne, the question is what's causing the hormonal fluctations? Our Monthly period, diet, or an endocrinological problem. Chances are, the longer you've had it, the severity, and location, are an outward clue, but it's not the defining answer.

Like I mentioned before if you can afford it, PLEASE see an endocrinolgist because there are waayyy too many rare (but common for long term acneic people) disorders that cause problems for both MEN and women. Definately do a search for Endocrinological, Thyroid, and Adrenal disorders. Infact here's some for you to look up:

Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia (can be misdiagnosed as PCOS)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Hyperthyroidism (or Hypo)
(the list goes on)

Insulin Resistance, Diabetes
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you noticed, I listed things that may not have much to do with endocrinology, but things you wouldn't suspect could be the culprit. I've discovered several natural cures and even meds, that did something else that they aren't "supposed" to be used for. That's exactly how Spiro and Accutane came about for us too.

Also, just because you have a hormonal imbalance, doesn't mean it's automatically Testosterones fault. While that may be what's causing the acne, it could be because of your thyroid, or your adrenal gland, or ovaries, or insulin, see what I mean? Not to mention, that some people can be asymptomatic (don't show outward signs of a problem) so even if you don't think you fit the above descriptions for a major imbalance, your body MAY still be battling something.

It's amazing how one gene, enzyme, or hormone is off just the teeeenist bit, and as a result, other parts of your body are out of synch. In fact, did you know that there are about 10 different androgens? That's why you should NOT self-medicate without knowing which one you are lacking or make too much of. Hence why some people, breakout when they use Progesterone, DHEA, Vitex, etc. Remember, what works for one person with acne doesn't mean it'll work for you, so please (dump the derms and) see an endocrinologist (a good one).

Well hope that helped ya out a bit. Oh yeah, alot of these disorders have symptoms that run together, hence why it's so easy to think you have 10 disorders when you may have only 1 or 2. That's why testing is so important, not to mention that you'll have to have periodic blood work run to make sure everything is balancing out and nothing else is worng. ;-)

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